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Impact Success Stories

Harbor House Adult Day Services

Success Story -Staff Perspective

Sara is a 43 year old female that started attending 2 days a week for socialization.   Sara was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth and because she has difficulty walking and communicating she became socially isolated.  Sara has become social with peers and is frequently found laughing and joking with staff.  Attending Harbor House has made it possible for Sara to participate in outside activities like shopping and eating at restaurants.  She loves to exercise and is found standing next to her wheelchair dancing.  Attending Harbor House has improved her quality of life. (December 2012)

 Success Story -Staff Perspective

I am the activity director for Harbor House Adult Day Services and it is a blessing for me to work with so many wonderful people.  I want to make sure all of our clients are included in daily activities, from going on a shopping trip to just sitting with someone and singing a song together. When I get that big hug and a thank you from a client or their family, I know that what I am doing really has made a difference for everyone. Working at Harbor House is more than a job to me.  It is my family away from home. (December 2012)

Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence

Success Stories - Staff Perspective

Relocation is never an easy decision to make, but for one woman and her three teenage children it was the only choice that could be made to ensure that she and her children were safe. Jennifer came from another state to the Safe Shelter, leaving behind a house, a job, and extended family because she feared for her life and wanted a different life for her girls. She did not know that she would be a resident for three months before she would be able to transfer her section eight housing and be approved for a home in housing.  However, while Jennifer was a resident in the Shelter, she felt safe and finally had time to figure out what her next steps were. She participated in support group, where she learned about the cycle of Domestic Violence and determined that she would never return to her abuser again nor be involved in another DV relationship in the future. Securing housing was a frustrating road with many set-backs and road blocks for her, but she never gave up. Jennifer was determined to keep moving ahead. She fully participated in community living in the Shelter and she tapped into the resources available to her through case management and outreach services offered at the Shelter. She befriended other women living in the Shelter and she lived her life as an example of strength and determination for her girls and the other women in the Shelter. Throughout the weeks she lived in the Shelter, she became emotionally stronger and empowered, and as a result of her new found empowerment, she was able to establish herself and her children in a new community as well as provide a new life for her and her girls and pursue her hope for a better future. (December 2012)

Success Stories - Staff Perspective

I had the opportunity of working with a young lady who came to us for domestic violence counseling for herself and her children.  During our time together she often doubted herself, and criticized herself for even thinking she could leave her abuser.  Her self-esteem was so low.  At one of the sessions, I asked her to "dream dreams."  I asked her, "What have you always wanted to do but weren't allowed to do because of your abuser?"  She answered that she wanted to be a nurse but her abuser had told her for so long that she was dumb.  She stated that she had thought about going to school but she kept hearing him say she couldn't do anything!  With help from her loving family and encouragement from this counselor, she decided to apply for college and take the entrance test for math and reading.  I will never forget the look on her face, when she came to the session with her test results! With the biggest smile and tears in her eyes she exclaimed that she had received the top score for reading and 94% on her math test! She has started taking classes at Lake Michigan College and is pursuing a Bachelors of Science in nursing degree. (December 2012)

West Michigan Guardianship

Success Stories - Staff Perspective

WMG was appointed conservator for an elderly gentleman who was referred to the agency for possible exploitation.  While investigating the case, WMG found that his vehicle was stolen by his care provider.  WMG staff reported the vehicle stolen and in three months the vehicle was found in Bremen, Indiana. The care provider who stole the vehicle was arrested and WMG was able to recover the vehicle for the benefit of the client. The care provider was sentenced with jail time and probation. (December 2012)

Success Stories - Staff Perspective

One of WMG clients who lived in a specialized residential placement requested his own apartment.  His WMG case manager met with him and his care team to determine what services would be needed in order for him to be successful living on his own. After a few months of arranging services and locating an apartment, the client was able to move in. He has one roommate and has been very successful with taking care of his home.  The client started a workout routine and is able to manage his personal funds monthly, with some assistance. It became a successful transition from a very restrictive living setting to a much better one that meets the needs of the client. (December 2012)